Smith Technologies Solutions

IF you are an international business and will be opening a Bermuda office in the near future.

We can handle your project from Day One, offering not only our technical expertise, but also our resident knowledge of Bermuda and the business environment. Among the services we can offer you are:

  • Putting you in touch with a reputable local leasing agent to help you acquire the space and location best for your business
  • Help you with office setup and design, including office furniture
  • Total technology infrastructure design, procurement, and installation, including workstations, telecom, coordination with ISP, and software setup
  • Network Design and implementation
  • Coordination with your headquarters office
  • Maintenance and service of your network and equipment

IF you are a Bermuda-based company looking to expand.

We will sit down with you to discuss your technology with respect to your immediate needs as well as advise you on planning for future expansion. Planning ahead for growth can save you a great deal of money over time. We will be able to work with you on these issues

  • Need for upgraded equipment as well as expanded capacity
  • Advice on software and hardware choices
  • Re-design of your network, if necessary
  • Procurement of new equipment

IF you are a Bermudian business that wants to upgrade and update its existing IT systems.

Life Cycle management is an important issue in today’s world of technology. Having the latest versions of software, as well as operating with the most current hardware technology can make a huge difference in the productivity of your company. We will look at your systems and recommend the best setup for your use and work with you to schedule the process of upgrading and updating so you can maintain that productivity, but at a calculated rate that won’t break your budget. We will manage the process so that you are not making huge hardware and software purchases at one time, but spreading them out over a period of months or years to fit within a reasonable budget.

My company doesn’t have the technical resources on staff to maintain our current IT environment.

No problem. We will do that for you.

Our company would like to save money on our IT services.

We will sit down with you and evaluate your network and systems to see where improvements can be made, then come up with a plan designed for your business which takes advantage of Smith Technologies’ ability to procure product for you as well as manage your systems more cost effectively.

Phone: (+1 441) 292-1818
Email: info@stl.bm

Smith Technologies

  • Provides linear technical growth for companies of all sizes.

  • Utilizes Engagement teams with customized skill sets to ensure proper delivery.

  • Provides turn-key server, tape and disk, networking and replication technologies.

  • Specializes in high-end fault tolerant server technologies.

  • Provides unique skills sets that are often either unavailable or are in limited supply.